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About Us

OPTIMA Physical Therapy and Wellness, providing physical therapy in Tracy, CA, was opened by Aman Dhaliwal, a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 10 years of experience and special certifications in a number of areas including pelvic health.

Here are some aspects of our approach to physical therapy that distinguish us:

  • We are known for the effectiveness of our techniques for treating pain and hastening your recovery from injury and illness.
  • We are committed to serve our patient base that includes residents of Manteca, Mountain House, Livermore, Modesto and Stockton, as well as Tracy.
  • Our focus is on attentive, hands on “one-on-one” care augmented with prescribed exercises between visits so that you can become a partner in your own recovery.
  • Dr. Dhaliwal has a Level 1 Certification in Pelvic Health Floor and we successfully treat women suffering from a variety of pelvic health issues and incontinence.
  • We operate as an out-of-network, fee for service, provider of physical therapy because that allows us to spend quality time with each patient working one-on-one to give them the attention and therapy they need to make the fastest and most complete recovery.
  • We offer joint mobilization, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and therapeutic taping among a variety of specialized services.
  • We help active individuals stay fit, healthy, and recover from injury without unneccessary medication, injection, and surgery.

Aman Dhaliwal, PT, DPT


Dr. Aman Dhaliwal discovered the field of physical therapy during her first semester of undergraduate degree and she became so enthralled with the idea of a science that would help people get their active lives back again without medication or surgery that there was no turning back.

The same day she became aware of the profession of physical therapy, she decided to become one and she has never looked back, as she marks her first full decade of practice.

“I really enjoy meeting people and helping them get back to the activities they enjoy,” she says. “My personal mission is to help active individuals heal and recover without the need of medication or surgery. I am also on a mission to help females over come pelvic dysfunction and quickly get back to their active lifestyle.”


    Here are some key factors that distinguish Dr. Dhaliwal:


    • She graduated with Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA in 2007.
    • She gained experience in virtually every aspect of the patient care continuum from acute inpatient care to home health care to private practice outpatient clinics prior to opening her own practice.
    • She has a Pelvic Health Floor Level 1 Certification and specializes in treating active women who have been sidelined due to the pain of pelvic health issues, urinary pain as well as neck, back pain, knee pain, etc.
    • She has special training in post-operative rehabilitation management, management of complex shoulder issues, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, chronic pain management, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, manual therapy (cervical and lumbar spine), repetitive strain injury, and therapeutic taping (Level 1 certification).
    • When she is not seeing clients she likes to spend time with her family and friends, chase her dog, cook, explore, travel, and read thoughtful books.

    At OPTIMA Physical Therapy and Wellness

    OPTIMA serves clients from Tracy, Manteca, Livermore, Mountain House, Pleasanton, and the surrounding area and specialize in Pelvic health related issues as well as offering a broad spectrum of services focusing on healing, pain relief, and rehabilitation.

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